'During my MFA with The School of Arts Institute of Chicago, I've been very determined to get rid of the paintbrush. The composition is created from using modeling paste, pigment, and just sheer energy, From this I've considered working with more sculpture works.' 2017



Setting aside the paintbrush for a while, Ms. Bartsch then took to pouring techniques. These mixed media works are the largest genre of works created so far. The process is an alla prima method of layering various pigments such as enamel, acrylics, ink, and eye shadow. From the chemical reaction, each piece creates a unifying and unique composition achieving depth, movement, texture, and form.



Ms. Bartsch figure works range from size variation and color saturation. Her style was developed in with the Dacia Gallery in NYC during an art residency.



During her youth, Chalice was faced with many challenges with her families various addictions. Shopping, hoarding, nonfunctioning alcoholism, gambling, and smoking were well known terms in the house. From these addictions often lead to mistrust and neglect. The Repression series illustrates the festering frustration that comes from years of silence. The figures represent the shadows that keep us quite and put us down while telling you to take another drink.