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During the MFA program with The School of Arts Institute of Chicago, I was determined to get rid of the paintbrush. The materials used to move and create the composition are modeling paste, pigment, and just sheer energy. This series inspired me to play with sculpture.

Spatula painting
figure it out 1 of 50 3x2.jpg


This series is just that. While working on multiple paintings, and still trying to find my mark. This series started as a study and became the style I have wanted to create for quite some time. 

wake up serries _edited.jpg


This series came about while meditating outside. During meditation, I was reacting to birds singing and making colors and lines behind my eyes. It was magical, and I did my best to replicate the experience.

Not quite finding what youre looking for...

Ms. Meikle does a variety of styles. Click the link below to find out more information about commissions. 

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